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Welcome to SilverSouls Castle!

October 14th, 2017 is our official reopening!

(But you may want to come around as early as Sept 24th!)




Burdock destroyed the webpage in a drunken, wizardly accident, and so we're still rebuilding and cleaning up pages. Please bear with us while we clean up the mess.

Since we will not officially return until late September, this gives you some time to learn how to use Furcadia and create your accounts. See the Join section of the webpage for information on how to do all of this. Also, the Forums work!

In the meantime, if you want updates please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be added to the mailing list with updates! Also feel free to email with comments, enthusiasm, questions, and so forth. And please tell your friends!

"Allo. My name's Ja. ...that's pronounced 'Jaaay'. It's foreign. I'm foreign.

And I'm stuck with this goddamned castle.

Some people call me 'King', but I disagree. Really, I'm just stuck. It's not like I can't leave. I can, and often do. The problem is she nags me. There's a pull I can't ignore, and an itch I have to scratch. I have to come back, and I always do. Death didn't really even keep us apart. Shit, does that mean we're married? What would my wife say..?

Anyway... since I can't travel far, and I don't like being called king, sire, or majesty, I often don disguises and travel down the mountain to the port town to get my kicks. SilverRose is full of pirates, vampires and merchants. If I can't get any shiggles out of them, there's also a guild in SilverRose where I fight and instruct at. Keeps me entertained, most of the time.

If SilverRose doesn't cut it, though, there's always the Wizard to go annoy, or the caves that sit under the castle. If I'm really looking for trouble, I head there and see if there's any monsters to eradicate or invite to tea. It's all well and good until someone sends one of the dragons to drag me home... back to my castle ball. Not the fun kind with dancing and spiked punch, either. The kind of ball that's really heavy, with a chain.

Ah, well, what can you do?

If you ever want to make the journey, come visit me in the Black Castle up on the mountain... or maybe I'll just find you in the town!"




SSC, RP gone wild!