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TL;DR ~ The short of it:  SilverSouls is meant to be entertaining and a story, not a power trip.  Don't be a deuschbag about your magick, and don't RP a perfect character, and you'll be fine.  If you feel you need SoulFyre, your character is probably overpowered and you need to tone it down!!  It makes your character more interesting and makes people more willing to RP with you when they don't think you're just powertripping and on an ego trip, as wanting/having SoulFyre does.  Pick one or two other sparks, don't abuse the magick, and don't start arguments about it, and you'll be fine. 

You don't need your character approved for magick unless you start to cause problems with your magick. 

You may want to get your character approved for magick if your primary purpose to having the magick is combat RP.

 That said.... here's the official rundown:

 Magick = Power/Energy usage

 Magic = Illusion/smoke and mirrors tricks.

 Prep = A means of measuring magickal energy/a unit of magickal energy.

 Spark = An inherent ability to use a type of magickal energy.  One is born with a spark to be able to utilize magick, or they are not (and are a muggle!).  Their spark is defined by one of the eight elements, and does not change naturally.

 Element = Types of magickal energy.  All types of magick fall into an elemental type, or a combination of elemental types.  Simple List  ----  In Depth Descriptions

 Good/Evil: Magick is not inherently good or evil.  The INTENT of use is what makes magick good or evil.  While some energy is considered good (Soul, SoulFyre or Divine Magick), and some considered evil (Necromancy), it is only the intent of use by the wielder that truly defines its orientation.  Yes, intent can be observed by those with the skill.  Some magicks are still considered divine, such as a Paladin's Magick;  The paladin must still abide by the rules of their order and worship the god that gives them the ability to use their magick, therefore, that energy is divine and 'good'.  Ill intent would take their power from them, causing it null.

Soft Spells = Soft Spells are any kind of spell that requires something morethan sheer willpower to complete.  Muggles/Non-mages users can use soft spells and create 'most' soft spells.  Soft spells always have something that makes the spell easily broken, such as an incantation, chant, physical object or other bit of physical/destroyable/interruptable aspect to them, thus making them 'soft' and easily broken if one knows how they are done.

Hard Spells = Any spell cast purely of willpower and a character's core elemental spark.  Concentration can be interrupted, but that tends to be the only way to interrupt these spells which are cast 'at will', literally.

 That said...

 Magick uses a measurement called a 'prep' or 'preps' to keep the playing field even.

 Consider a prep as a unit of energy that must come from somewhere.  It is not free and comes with a cost, either via the caster's own lifeforce or from the energy of something appropriate nearby.  Magick does not come from nothing.

 When utilizing magick in-game, one must notify other players that energy is being accumulated, even if their character(s) cannot sense it.  This is done by putting a prep bracket ineach post (usually at the end) to signal the increase/decrease of magick as it is accumulated or spent, along with the magick type.  Each turn, one can only accumulate '1 prep' of energy into their realm of use, via their own willpower, regardless if they are pulling this energy from themselves or from an object where energy is stored.  It does NOT matter what your character's experience or 'skill level' is.

 If you are casting a prewritten spell that requires a certain number of preps before it is complete, the brackets should contain the total number of preps needed before the spell is completed.  If it is a three-prep spell requiring first Fire, then Earth, then Gravity, round one will appear as [1/3 Fire], round two [2/3 Fire/Earth], and round three [3/3 Fire/Earth/Gravity].  Round FOUR is where this spell is actually effective.  There will be no hiding of 'number of preps needed', nor hiding of the core elemental types of the preps.  It's like in a game of professional pool: Call your shots!

 A character can only call a type of energy via pure willpower (a 'hard spell') if they have the spark(s) for that type of energy.  A spark is the light within their soul giving them the predisposition or ability to wield magickal capabilities, put there when they are born or acquired via magickal items in their adulthood.  A character can only be born with a maximum of two sparks.  This is the one case where time and experience come into play, that a character can acquire objects that give them the ability to wield other elements, or that they can learn, with effort, to utilize other elements by sheer persistence.  Whether a spark is naturally innate or whether it is acquired later, these things require practice to be good at.  Even prodigies have to spend time learning their skills.

 If you are casting a prewritten spell, it is best you have the spell written and approved by the staff so it can be displayed for the game, establishing it as a pre-written spell.

 A single entity can only hold 16 core elemental preps via their own willpower (or two SoulFyre preps).  A character can only draw 16 total preps from within their own bodies and souls per day.  While they may have an object that holds more preps, those preps are useless until they are transferred into the control of the caster.  Again, experience and skill play no part in the max of 16 preps. (E.G. Bob can prep 16 preps from 'nothing' per day.  Once he uses five of those preps, he can pull five more preps from an object to top out at 16 again, but he cannot pull anymore preps from 'nothing'.  He can store 16 preps on one day in objects to use for another day.)

 A single object, regardless of size, is only capable of holding 8 core elemental preps (or one SoulFyre prep).  These preps can be stored so that a furre does not require to pull energy from their own being, instead using the object to fuel their magicks.  While it is allowed for a character to carry more than one object, be reasonable and do not godmode.  This is not a childish pissing contest of who has the most energy.
 Charged objects must have logs to back up their charging, and the logs must not be copy-pasted, must be dated, time-stamped, and available upon asking (not in a few minutes after asking) if challenged by another player or moderator.  The 'logs' can be your character alone, posting only to themselves, but it must be from Furcadia, proper sentences, more than just a couple of words, and there is still only one prep per round.

 One can draw preps into their own willpower from only one object at a time.  One round can be from one object, and the next round from another, but you may not 'double fist' the objects, so to speak, utilizing both in the same round.

 Once preps in an object are spent, the object must be recharged.  Preps are not infinitely available.  Even if it automatically draws more energy, it can only draw one prep per round.

 Each of the core elements equate to one prep, and one must specify the type of prep they are calling.  For those of you who have a magick that requires two elements, it is allowed to split a prep two-fold to draw that 'magick'.  For instance, Ice is made of AntiFire and Water, so the prep would be half AntiFire and half Water.  A single split-prep of Ice magick cannot be split and used as a whole AntiFire or a whole Water.   Once a second prep is drawn, the elements can be split from Ice into 1 prep Water and 1 prep AntiFire.  Characters must be pre-established to be able to draw from the two elements in order to draw a split-prep.  There will never be more than two elements inside a single magick prep with the exception of SoulFyre...

 SoulFyre, or Soul, is considered the divine magick, or healing magick.  It is what gives life to an entity (even soulless ones), and is what souls are made of.  Similar to the Fifth Element, a 'single prep' of SoulFyre is made from a each of the eight core elements - we just have eight, not four.  Very few can draw pure SoulFyre, and it must be approved by the administration that your character can draw forth a single prep of pure SoulFyre per round.  For everyone else, SoulFyre must be built by drawing a prep of each of the other core elements through four rounds of roleplay, then carefully combining them in the fifth round.  Once combined into a single prep, SoulFyre may be utilized in a posting round as 'one prep', however, the character is still limited to only four SoulFyre preps maximum at any given moment if not authorized to draw pure SoulFyre.   This makes SoulFyre very rare, useful, and expensive - for a reason.  Those who are injured should have to suffer their injury, and not be so quickly healed.  An energy as useful and powerful as that which makes life should not be so readily harnessed.

Pure Elemental Preps: 1 prep can be drawn per round.

Pure Elemental Preps: 1/2 prep of each can be drawn per round.  They cannot be split into pure elemental preps until you have drawn them for two rounds.  Those with dual sparks can usually draw 'one' or the 'other' in pure form, however, as well as being able to draw up a 'split prep'.

SoulFyre = 4 preps to create, 5 rounds of RP (Requiring 4 rounds of split-preps of the eight elements, so half a prep of each element for one prep of SoulFyre, and a fifth round to combine them properly.)  Being able to draw pure SoulFyre in 1 prep requires prior permission from the admin staff.

AntiSoul (Zuhruh) = 4 preps to create, 5 rounds of RP (Requiring 4 rounds of split-preps of the eight elements, so half a prep of each element for one prep of SoulFyre, and a fifth round to combine them properly.)  Being able to draw pure SoulFyre in 1 prep requires prior permission from the admin staff.

Prep Power Level Examples:

1-2 Prep:  Element enough to light a candle ~ crack a small bone ~ create an golf-ball-sized hollow bubble ~ thicken blood to ink (no chemical change) ~ Shapeshifting to an innate (bloodborn) shape ~ 'ground' one foot into a locked place (Earth/Gravity), read the energies around another character, sense the overall emotion (Empathy/Gravity) of another character or where their attention lies (Telepathy/Light).

3-4 Preps: Element enough to knock down one person if caught by surprise, reading another's thoughts, pushing emotion onto others,

5 Preps: Creating a single SoulFyre element out of the other core elements ~ 'mild' salve ~ 'mild' blessing of small object/small concoction, small amount of water.

6-7 Preps: Shapeshifting to an external shape (not innate) ~ ability to animate a small inanimate object without personality, soul, or emotion

8-10 Preps: Element enough to knock over two or three people if in a wave ~ subdue another with a binding ~ heavy sleep spell ~ potent 'blessed' salve of medium size

11-16 Preps: Power to throw a furre/human ten feet up or twenty feet back ~ create a large, solid energy ball two feet in diameter ~ temporary (five posts worth) wings.

17-32 Preps (Requires two casters or more!): Yeah, dunno yet.  Can't think of anything.

33-47 Preps (Requires two casters or more!): Create a small, localized but powerful storm ~ small tornado for a short distance

48-63 Preps (Requires three casters or more!): Able to animate a large inanimate object, without any soul, emotion, or personality (only orders)

64-79 Preps (Requires four casters or more!): A large storm with medium power (F4 tornado or small hurricane) that lasts up to a day in time

80-96  Preps (Requires five casters or more!) (Max for a spell is 96!): Massive, powerful storm of intense hurricane levels that lasts for up to two days ~ causing an already-existing volcano to erupt ~ if done twice over a four week (IC four weeks, OOC two weeks) following proper protocol and rules, resurrection.

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