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How to Join SilverSouls Castle


It's not required to join all of these, but each one of them has their own benefits. We'll show you how! Click the links below for a walkthrough of how to gain access to the game and dream.

1) Download Furcadia

2) Access SilverSouls Castle in Furcadia.

3) Register Your Character

4) Register Your Forum Account

5) Join the CMS Group

6) Join SSC on Discord





1) Download Furcadia HERE!

While Furcadia downloads and installs, click HERE to create your account! You will need this to login to the game and access your characters.
  • Furcadia is absolutely FREE. You will never have to purchase anything to play with us.

  • Open the Furcadia Installer to install the game.

  • Click this link on the Download page if you need help with installation:

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2) Access SilverSouls Castle in Furcadia

Click to View a Furcadia Screenshot.

Click for a list of Furcadia's Commands.

  • Open Furcadia and login to your account.

  • Select your character, or create a new one.

  • The easiest way to access the dream is to type or copy in this link, hit Enter, and then click it! -- furc://silversoulscastle

  • OR, click the large 'I' under tab B to be teleported into Imaginarium. This is the game map where SilverSouls Castle is uploaded.

  • You'll find us on the southeast edge of the main northeast-southwest road, as shown in the screencap below. Just walk into the dream portal to join us!




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3) Register Your Character in the Dream

  • Once you are in the dream, simply type the following into your furc chat window: ssc.makeaccount

  • If you are successful, you will see a message with your account number and a reminder to let an admin know you have registered.

  • One of the admin will need to activate your account, or give you the activation password to activate it yourself before you will be able to use dream commands and features.

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4) Join the Forums

Click the link above to fill in the form and join the webpage. It will automatically email you an activation link, so you must use a valid email address and activate your account in order to login and gain access. If you have any problems, contact Ja, Kendall Moore, or Exya and they will gladly help you out. The images below will explain what to put in the fields. The forums are full of information!


  • Your real name is not required.
  • Multiple accounts are permitted, but only one per email.
  • Email address must be valid to activate your account.
  • Check the Captcha box.


  • Don't provide your private contact details.

  • Ask us about Member Pages!

  • Mark 'Agree' before you click 'Register' or the form will reset.

  • Your information will NOT be shared by us.

  • If you post private contact information, we can't prevent others from using it how they wish.

  • You may hide your email by going to Forums -> Profile -> Edit.



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5) Join the official SilverSouls Castle Group on Furcadia

  • Click to go to the SilverSouls Castle Group page.

  • Click 'Join Group' on the top right.

  • Login to your Furcadia account.

  • Click 'Change' on the right side to select which character you would like to have join the group. If that character is already listed, you don't have to change it. ^.^

  • If you do need to select a character, click 'Select' under the one you want to use.

  • Choose 'Send Request' and you will see a 404 error page pop up in that screen. Don't mind this. We received your request, and you should be automatically registered to the group.

  • If you were logged into Furcadia, close it out and open it again. Otherwise, you will now see the tiny black castle icon in your description when you click on your own character!

  • Now, you can use the SSC Group Chat by clicking on these little guys, and double-clicking the SilverSouls Castle Chat!



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6) Join SSC on Discord

  • Discord is a free voice and text chat client for gamers. It is akin to Skype, Ventrilo, or TeamSpeak, but we've determined that we like Discord far better. We can have multiple channels within our group, and a little more control over how communication is used to benefit SilverSouls Castle.

  • Click the link above (the title of this section) and download Discord, or join the group right away. If you need to download it, you will be routed to the download directly. The installer is about 58MB in size.

  • Discord is entirely optional, but this will allow us to communicate beyond the confines of Furcadia so as to avoid disrupting scenes, or having blinky windows constantly. We can also read up on chats taking place while we've been offline. We hope to see you there!

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