SilverSouls Castle Rules

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SilverSouls Castle is a world designed for RP. The setting is meant to create storylines that are adventurous and memorable, yet encourage new ideas and exploration of characters and self. At the same time, we attempt to develop a culture that respects OOC lives outside of SilverSouls: Jobs, school, children, responsibilities and all things 'adulting'. Most of those who play here have lives and responsibilities. Role-play is a luxury that we are able to allot only so many hours to. Our rules are designed to reflect this and respect each other’s OOC lives.


If you're interested in joining, anyone can RP in public areas. After some time and display of maturity and loyalty, your account can be upgraded to allow you access to more restricted areas of gameplay .

There is also opportunity to GM plots or play keystone characters, with proven maturity, OOC. Here at SilverSouls Castle, we want to cultivate a highly interactive and engaging community, and through earning these additional levels of trust and ownership, you can play a significant role in helping build, develop, and share our world - and your own storylines!


~ The OOC Rules are heavily enforced. You will not get much warning (if any) before being banished from the dream for breaking these rules. Read them, and avoid Drama Llama tactics. We're a dream of mature RPers. OOC manipulation tactics to get what you want is frowned upon.

~ The Magick Rules are also enforced. Please have an open mind, and be open to storyline advancement. Roleplay isn't the kind of game you can 'win'! Magick shouldn't be used for power-tripping.

~ SilverSoulsCastle : Strict Role Play ((SSC:SRP)) is something to help us work in old- school RP where people don't have to worry so much about stepping on other people's toes and 'consent rules'. You must participate in SSC:SRP to RP in the dark caverns underneath the castle, as this is where monsters, danger, and death possibly lurk. There's more information on the SSC:SRP webpage.

Otherwise enforced rules:

~ RP Rules are rules of etiquette that we display on the webpage. These are not hard and fast rules, nor will breaking them get you banned. These are posted here so when someone gets obnoxious about breaking one we can link them for educational purposes and warn them about completely disregarding etiquette. They are enforced, thusly, but with warnings. If someone breaks one of these guidelines now and again, just be the better person and move forward. We're not perfect creatures. If they are consistently tromping all over your game, then report them and we'll talk about it.

RP Help and Guidelines (NOT enforced):

~ New to Furcadia-Style RP? The RP Guidelines  are various tactics, tips, and other small informative bits for new players on Furcadia. These are not at all ‘rules’, but rather, they are the quiet expectations many other players may seek from their fellow participants. Learning these guidelines will help you gain friends and fellow RPers, and that means more story, and more RP! They are worth checking out!


SSC, RP gone wild!