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The following items are things we expect of our players. We are an old-school, strict-RP guild. Don’t worry, though! Breaking a rule from this list is not going to get you immediately kicked out of our continuity. Consistently disregarding them and causing heartache for our other members will result in the administration team taking action by talking to and teaching the offending player.

Unlike the  RP-Guidelines  (not enforced) and OOC Rules (heavily enforced), these will be enforced only when needed. This list is not intended for others to become rule-enforcers or tattle-tales. These are written to help everyone become better RPer’s and to offer information for those who are struggling to fit in at SilverSouls. They are not critical to gameplay, though if everyone follows them, they help move things along smoothly and without problems.



  • IC- In-Character (What happens in-game. What the character knows, sees, feels, can touch...)
  • OOC- Out-Of-Character (The human sitting at a computer, playing a computer game.)
  • PC- Player Character (A beloved character used by a player.)
  • NPC- Non-Player-Character (A disposable character used to advance plot or fill plot-holes.)
  • FTB- Fade-To-Black (Described below.)
  • SSC:SRP- No-Consent RP (Used to auto-consent death if RP leads to death.)


We allow MOST character types, including humans and supernatural creatures - as long as they are within a medieval/fantasy time-frame. Please talk to the staff if you are unsure if your character is allowed or not. Particularly powerful characters requires in-dream loyalty-time from the player, as well as maturity. We allow characters from other dreams and continuities to RP here and/or visit here as long as the other continuity does not have guns/gunpowder or any technology more advanced than guns/gunpowder. Most of the time we consider other guilds and continuities as a place 'overseas', as SilverSouls is in 'Dalthuria'. We do not allow futuristic characters

Characters that do not have the basic capabilities to communicate, or are monstrous and a far stretch beyond the ‘norm’ of the culture are restricted to public areas to RP. Monsters are generally RP’d in the cave areas. We value plots with depth, that provide character growth for more than one character. Teaching another character basic communication or etiquette can quickly become redundant. Monster characters become interruptive to scenes and rarely provide productive plot/character growth (generally, they just stop whatever is currently going on).

Any questions, talk to SilverSouls|Castle.

Generally, please try to avoid (aka, not an enforced rule): Orphans, humans, and ‘crazy’ characters. We won’t tell you that you can’t play these characters, but to fully fit in as both a player and a character, please avoid these common character types.



  • Keep your in-game posts IC as much as possible!
  • Keep OOC chatter at a minimum. Things like 'afk, back, wb, and typo corrections' are ok if not happening every ten seconds. Commentary should be kept to whispers and group chat Join via the Official SSC Guild Page Furcadia,
  • Post within a timely manner! This is about five minutes for two or three sentences and within ten minutes for a full Furcadia Screen Paragraph or more. Timeliness is more important to most players than is the length of the post... seriously, it's the motion in the ocean, not the size, that matters! If your posting is generally slower than this, just ask if that's alright for your companions. Most people are fine with it if they have proper warning. If you're at work or have a lot of AFKing that is going to take place, also warn your RP partners. This isn't a problem as long as you communicate these things.
  • Fluff (aka Purple Prose) to fill out length is just that. It's fluff. It's a waste of time. It's boring. Focus instead on important things like dialogue, movements and facial expressions that your character is making. -- Things other characters can SEE, hear, smell, and interpret, thus respond to.
  • Avoid posting historical facts, motives, or explanations from your character in your non-dialogue portion of your post. If you give someone something to be curious about in your post, don't answer it or explain it! Give others something to be curious about both IC and OOC. This keeps the flow going.
  • If you use thoughts, identify them as thoughts using italics or secondary, single quotes, so they aren't perceived as you forcing descriptions/insults on someone else's character. It’s honestly best to avoid thoughts overall, and use other means to express the character. This causes less miscommunication and misunderstandings. Read more about this.


  • Basic Dialogue: “Speeeeeeeech!”
  • Thoughts: {“Thoughts here.”} Feel free to also italicize!
  • Telepathy: Use whispers, or *Directed @Name* {“Telepathy dialogue here.”} Again, feel free to also italicize!
  • Foreign Language: *Identifier* <”Speak your mind here.”> Identifier will be things like ‘Feral’ or ‘Italian’ or ‘Draconic’, etc.
  • Written Words: ~Novel of information here.~



Unofficial, but useful guidelines from Furcadia. We agree with all of these guidelines; however, we do not enforce all of them here at SilverSouls unless/until someone takes something so far as to become a problem.

  • You are allowed to persist for IC resolutions to RP that has already begun and taken place.
  • Leaving in the middle of a fight scene does not Retcon the fight scene. You are expected to finish the fight scene either later, in-game, or on the Private-RP section of the forums.
  • If you are not intending to join a scene within a post or two, you should get permission to 'watch' the scene. If you decide not to join, you should leave the scene. If you do not get permission to observe, you should also leave the scene.
  • You do not need permission to enter a scene in an unlocked and/or public area, with the exception of there being a Time-Stop in place. Once a time-stop is in effect for a fight, others cannot enter the fight without explicit OOC permission from all parties, or explicit already-on-their-way announcements at the time of the time-stop beginning.
  • You are expected to react to IC Emits by staff.
  • You are expected to have IC reactions to IC things. Ignoring big events, or pretending things didn't happen because you have OOC issues or feelings about it is not how Strict RP works.
  • What you do IC will get expected reactions and results IC. If your character does something irritating, others are going to get annoyed IC. If a character is angry at your character, it does NOT mean that the player is angry at you OOC, and IC upset should never become OOC upset. It's a game, and while there are rules, please remember IC drama and IC events are supposed to happen, and they are not supposed to cross over to the real people behind the screens. Just like when you read a book, you are going to experience some of these emotions due to your connection to your characters, but always take a step back and remember that it was your character, and not you, that is going through them.
  • Try to keep intrigue in your posts! If your character is hiding something, rather than outright saying it in the non-dialogue portion of your post, give them secretive-symptoms such as fidgeting, flighty eye-contact, nervous ear and tail twitches. Make the other characters curious to dig in deeper instead of just telling them what it is!
  • You are not allowed to kill another Main Alt of a player without their OOC consent. ((For those of you who are willing to RP to the extreme, and are willing to accept death if it occurs without having OOC discussions about it, please use the desctag: [SSC:SRP] or (SSC:SRP) with whatever brackets you prefer. This declares that you do not require to give consent for death, and if it happens, it happens. See the details within this link. You are not allowed to kill another PC without first also wearing the SSC:SRP tag.)) Killing PCs should yet be avoided!
  • It can be assumed as long as a player continues posting that they consent to a sexual scene, but they are allowed to 'Fade-To-Black' without explanation. Using Fade-To-Black does NOT Retcon a scene. You are still expected to RP the outcomes of the scene that has been 'blacked out' and/or censored. Some people perceive the act of RPing sex as cheating on their significant other. Some people get physically ill when trying to describe or interact with descriptions of bodily fluids. Do NOT harass a player OOC if they choose to Fade-To-Black!
  • Fade-to-Black can also be used in fight scenes if all parties consent both to the censor, as well as the outcome of the fight. Be polite and reasonable!


Please! Play many characters! We all have our favorites, of course. They’re the main character of our stories and our RP, but there are a billion side characters to explore. These side characters add color and dynamic to the RP world. They are sometimes far more disposable, adding mystery and danger to the world when they are lost to the bad-guys, accidents, or just sheer, entertaining stupidity!

Please play multiple characters! If you share your character list, other players can ask you for certain characters that may have the ability to advance plots or provide entertainment. It’s also okay to have your characters interact with each other, so long as it’s in some manner that serves to advance plot and story rather than to stifle others or ‘win’ the game. This is a skill that requires careful attention to detail and story-weaving, but it is well worth it when used well and wisely. Let’s stop stifling RP with Furc’s silly ‘no alting’ rules.

It’s okay if you’re only comfortable with one character, but please consider the benefits of many:

  • Adds dynamic to storylines!
  • Keeps storylines from stagnating.
  • Allows players to be less afraid of conflict.
  • Creates opportunity to make more friends with less anxiety, both IC and OOC.
  • Weaves a wide tapestry of characters.
  • Allows characters to take more Risks!!
  • Gives you more experiences to explore! Be a pirate, and a unicorn, AND a floof! (And a fluff!)
  • Allows significant ‘death scenes’, and reasons for other characters to seek revenge, answers, or resurrection! (Death still requires consent, thank you.)
  • Helps you avoid Mary Sue and Gary Stu mistakes. Imperfect characters have so much more to give to a storyline!

On the other hand, please don’t use your alts for bullying or Railroading storylines!


In addition, we expect our full players to do the following:

  • If you want to RP, head out into the public area of the map and wait so others can use FindRP or go join a scene in the castle. You can always ask people sitting around if they’d like to join you in a scene!
  • Ask questions, IC! Leave questions to be asked, as well! Curiosity is the backbone of RP. If you inquire about other people’s characters IC, they are more likely to want to RP with you, again! This makes you desirable and offers far more plot opportunities than attempting to be the center of attention in every scene. Read more about this.
  • If, when you enter a scene and someone else was there 'first', OOC, they post first.
  • Posting-and-running is ill form. Making an IC argument post, posting it and quickly logging-off or leaving-the-area to ‘get the last word in’. This is rude, and turns an IC fight into an OOC insult. IC fights are fine. OOC disrespect by getting-the-last-word-in, in this manner, are not kosher. Please be respectful and wait for final posts, even if your character just walked out and slammed the door! Maybe the other character is going to follow?
  • Posts are usually in ‘rounds’. You wait a full round and everyone gets a turn before you post again, depending on the situation, of course. This is especially true for conflicts, and less true for scenes with so many characters that not everyone can respond to everyone. Bar scenes, for instance, while you may want to wait for those your character is interacting with, it may not be necessary to wait for everyone in the bar.
  • Pre-Type if you can! If you are sitting in an empty area and waiting for others to join you, have a post ready!
  • Please refrain from running through a scene and not joining. This leaves those who see you (which is often everyone) feeling inadequate and unwanted. If you decide not to join a scene, posting a note OOC is welcome. You can always whisper people if you want to find out who is RPing where!
  • Don't ignore other’s posts, or their character, when yours enters without a valid reason to 'not see them'.
  • FindRP: This only updates every five minutes or so. When it updates, a breeze blows in the glitter kingdom to acknowledge that new data has been loaded. If you’re eager to get IC, try whispering someone for RP, or go sit in the public areas ‘on’ the map.


SSC, RP gone wild!