** Disclaimer**

We know you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Unfortunately, sometimes flies are bitey little nasty disease-infested pests, and we have to deal with them with more than a tiny swatter. This page is a result of those pests, and doesn’t apply to the majority of our player base! But, since it’s happened, we unfortunately have to tell people all the things not to do. :(

** /Disclaimer **

In the past, there have been instances of people being OOCly manipulative. Our number one rule here is OOC respect, and that means cooperative storytelling. Tantrum throwing because of how something went down on the IC side of things is unnecessary.

We will not tolerate OOC manipulations, or OOC disrespect. There will be no 'warnings' on this. We have a friendly culture at SilverSouls Castle, and we want to uphold that for all our loyal players. Everyone should feel as welcome to pursue their IC plotlines as anyone else. They have a right to stay true to their character.

If you have interest in a particular outcome, scenario, scene, or plot-line, please seek OOC consent for that plotline ‘before’ you pursue it. Not only are others likely to be interested in helping you get there (or maybe even making characters to go along with it), but it secures your interest as well as theirs. Just ask!

If you fail to ask before hand, it does not give you the right to cause upset and hurt afterwards. RP is interactive storytelling, and that’s what makes it exciting! Others get to influence the plots as much as you do! (If you don’t want other characters and players ‘interfering’, that’s known as writing a book or story. Go try it!)

Please don't be a drama llama. It’s hard to have to approach people about things like this, but we'll make sure it gets handled and you won't like how we do it. Almost everyone here is an adult. You know better.

Btw, if you get offended by this list.. it means you're probably guilty of it. Check yourself and fix the issue, or go somewhere else to game, please. RP is a two-way road with both give and take. Sometimes it needs to be about you and will go your way, sometimes it needs to be about other people and isn't going to go your way. That's the only way it flows and stays interesting.

What do we define as OOC manipulations?

~~ Being angry and telling everyone who will listen how angry you are.

-- If someone is trying to complain about another dream, other players, or whatever (especially in the pillow pit, publicly,) ignore them, and/or tell them you don't want to hear about it. Please also report it. We’re not here to bash other players, dreams, or characters; We’re here to game!

~~ Lies.

-- Lying IC is one thing. It's IC. If you're asked about it OOCly, though, please don't lie. It's one thing to sort of 'withhold information' for the sake of the RP, such as simply not advertising it's your alt or just not bringing it up OOC so the IC plot is more of a surprise, but should someone directly ask you, and you blatantly lie about it, it's not ok. There needs to be OOC trust that the other person isn't going to drag OOC into IC and abuse the situation. Lying is not appropriate, ever. If you don’t want to answer a question, telling them you’d rather not talk about it is perfectly okay. Changing your story when confronted by admin is also unacceptable.

~~ Badgering/stalking.

-- Constantly whispering for RP with a person, or begging for it. This particularly applies to 'romance RP's'. Not everyone wants romance RP, and if they do, not everyone wants 'overnight romance' (where it’s love-at-first-site, immediately). Begging every time someone logs on, or constantly telling someone how you want to see your characters together is pushing the OOC limits of respect. Allow them the opportunity to RP with other people, if they want it. Also, keep the obsession IC.



-- If someone is doing this to you, gently but directly tell them you don't appreciate it, and ask them to stop. If needed, you can always contact staff.

~~ Creating Alts for Bullying Purposes.

-- We encourage multi-alt RPing! However, creating more characters in order to ‘win’, ‘power game’, or ‘cause OOC distress’ is against the rules. It’s one thing to have many characters with many roles, but creating many characters to create an ‘army with one-mindset’ is against the rules. ((Mindless zombies, bandits, and easy-to-defeat armies obviously do not count! But you need to be a GM for these!))

~~ Trolling in General.

-- This is difficult to define, but any means of causing OOC insult and OOC upset by actions both IC and OOC. If a player expresses OOC distress from a scene or actions of another player, DO NOT KEEP DOING IT. This includes ‘insulting people through ‘thoughts’ in posts’, repeatedly interrupting RP scenes, and not respecting a player’s need to RP with other players to move plots forward.


-- On the flip side, just because a scene doesn’t go as you wanted it to does not mean someone is trolling you! It also does not include players RPing with other players! Trolling is multiple-offenses and obvious, deliberate insults.

~~ Lack of patience.

-- Not everyone can log on every day, all day, consecutively. Again, our rules are built for OOC adults who have lives and responsibilities. Steamrolling over a major plot because of impatience to move the plot forward will get your banned from our continuity. While we don’t expect anyone to wait more than a week (or two in extreme situations) to continue a plot or scene, players also cannot expect everyone to be able to continue the plot next-day. Please have patience and work OOCly with your fellow plot-arc-folks to schedule scenes.

~~ Threatening IC death or suicide.

-- Things are not always going to go the way you want them to. That's what keeps freeform interesting. Threatening to kill off your character as a means to get someone else to do what you want to is manipulative and disrespectful.


-- If someone does this to you, just let them threaten and in fact, tell them how great of an idea it is. Don't let them manipulate you, and report this to a Taneest. We're not ok with this, here. IC is IC and OOC requires respect, not manipulating factors.

~~ Threatening OOC suicide. (Yes, people have done this.)

-- Seriously. If you do this, you will be banned, right after we give you an OOC suicide hotline for help. This isn't funny. This isn't ok, and we'll treat it as a real threat. For the record, this is just a game. Yes, an addictive game, but it's nothing to lose your life over or threaten to take your own life over. We aren’t trained to help you, nor do we have the resources to help you.


-- If someone does this to you contact a Taneest immediately, and tell them this is nothing to take their life over. Insist they call a hotline or contact a family member, and don't let them change the subject from their needing to get help back to 'why' they're doing it. You do not have to counsel them, and we encourage you not to. Give them the number, wish them well, and place them on ignore or talk about something else.


-- Here's the phone number: Need help? National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255.

~~ Threatening to leave SilverSouls.

-- If you're unhappy enough here to threaten to leave, all we can do is tell you goodbye and hope you find somewhere you are happier... We're sorry for whatever happened, and if you're sure there's nothing that the staff can do to help, then it is what it is. It is not our prerogative, nor should it be anyone else's, to try and tell you where to game. There are other dreams both in and out of the continuity with players and RP to be had, and hopefully one of them will fit you better.


-- If anyone threatens this, it's the truth. Let them go. It's their choice where they RP. If they decide to stay, then they decide to stay. If they want to go, there's probably a good reason for it and we shouldn't try to keep people from being happy. None of the staff will beg anyone to stay.

~~ Giving us reason to add a new thing to this list.

-- ...seriously.. ..just.. ..don’t. -.-

A note for anyone who thinks Ja’s not dead serious: Ask any of the Taneests. It does not matter who you are here: your IC or your OOC status. Ja will, without hesitation, kick you from the dream should he find out you are manipulating OOC. If you apologize for the drama, the hurt feelings, and admit to what you did, then we will consider and probably allow you to return, should it be your first offense. Inability to apologize and admit your wrongdoing means a banishment will be permanently in place.


SSC, RP gone wild!