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This is a desctag acronym that defines a set of rules that strict, freeform RPer's prefer to follow. Strict RP is for any player who wants to live vicariously on the edge through their characters, or specifically for alts that a player will not be heart-broken to lose or to maul.

Strict RP implies that anything can happen, and you don't get to pick and choose how or when some things happen, because that's just part of your character's life. Strict RP will place your character at the mercy of things such as surprises, GM'd attacks by staff, death, disease, eavesdropping, and whatever else comes with the territory of living a life and interacting with others.

Why would someone want to be willing to welcome these things? It puts the thrill back into the game. Where's the rush of adrenaline and the thrill of surprise when you know you can't be hurt, can't die, or are otherwise going to be safe all the time? Where's the drama and excitement of a game where you can't die and don't have to outsmart your opponents to move on to the next day?

These tags are not meant to allow someone to come in and ransack everyone with godly powers, or play an unapproved 'bad guy'. (If someone attempts this, contact the staff!) Rather, these tags are meant to bring the thrill back to gaming and allow characters to have to face the consequences of their actions, IC. Wearing one of these tags means you are serious about your RP and you want to have a full gaming experience!

SilverSouls does not require using SSC:SRP, but highly, highly encourages it. This is what the adults do, and this is how the adults play! Now, onto the actual definitions.


  • If you RP in a public or unlocked room you are subject to others entering, interrupting, or overhearing. (This is implied without the SRP tag, as well.)
  • If you treat others poorly or rudely IC, and they decide they've had enough and want to pick a fight, you're now going to have to fight for your character's life!
  • The ability to challenge another SSC:SRP player to a duel to the death, or a fight to the death! (Without wearing the tag yourself you cannot attempt to kill another PC.)
  • Auto-Consent for disease. If a plot is installed that involves some kind of contagious disease and your character has been exposed, you now have a new problem to deal with!
  • Auto-Consent for death. By putting this in your description you agree that whatever happens, happens, and you roll with it. After all, fighting for your life is exciting! If you pick a fight and can't win the fight, and they decide to kill you, that's the end of that.
  • No whining, moaning or complaining. In the mood for some thrilling heroics?


  • Sex Scenes - Some of our players do not wish to RP these out for various reasons such as age or marital status. Whether you use fade-to-black or avoidance all together is up to the players. Do NOT guilt trip or pressure other players about this.
  • Rape Scenes - See above, and this is a touchy subject. Don't do it.
  • Running around killing everyone just to be 'evil', and because people have SSC:SRP tags. If you think your character is going to be allowed to kill everyone for the sake of killing everyone, think again. First of all, if you kill everyone, there's no one left to RP with. Second of all, it's not conducive to good RP. If this is what you want to do, find somewhere else to play. At SilverSouls we are still going to attempt to avoid killing other people's PC's unless the RP truly calls for it and they have truly RP'd themselves into a situation that calls for it.
  • Picking fights because you are bored. If you want to fight, spar someone IC. SilverSouls does not condone a destructive RP environment where the players feel as if they have to avoid others out of fear of an uncalled for fight. If you want to play a 'bad guy', we encourage you to talk to the Admin Staff about what is and is not conducive to a game everyone is happy to play. ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
  • "Bending the rules" to kill people is not allowed. If people feel as if they are being harassed, regardless of whether or not it's legitimate, it will be addressed and stopped depending on severity.
  • You do not get to edit these tags in and out of your description at your convenience. This is an all-in or all-out thing.


  • How does this work, in-game? When there are mixed bunches of SSC:SRPers and non-consent RPer's, but a villain or NPC wants to attack, here's the rules of engagement:
  • The villain enters the scene. The point at which it's clear and obvious there's an attack in play, any Non-SSC:SRPers exit the scene as soon as they can post. They are required to 'run away' from the bad guy, since they aren't capable of fighting. They don't get to engage the villain verbally or physically because they would have an unfair, no-consent advantage, limiting the bad guy in what he can do to them.
  • Bad guys are required to 'let the Non-SSC:SRPers exit.'
  • Non-SSCSRPers: It is necessary to let all the Non-SSC:SRPers post first in this round so they can escape, followed by the SSC:SRPers as they will be included in the rest of the RP.
  • SSC:SRPers, however, are required not to leave the scene in this round of posting. They can 'try' but should the villain successfully stop them by some means (physically blocking them, magick, or a call of words), they must stay and figure out how to escape if they aren't going to fight. They also have the option to engage the bad guy verbally, physically, and magickally, and try to outsmart, defeat, or win against them.
  • SSC:SRPers cannot auto-opt-out once a fight starts.
  • SSC:SRPers: Should you have to leave due to OOC/IRL reasons and you are imperative to the continuation of the scene, this will put the scene in Time-Stop. If they give you permission to exit and you give them permission to continue, you must post out! Sorry, that's etiquette, and just the way it is. Try not to do this to people and try not to leave people stuck in a timestop for days.
  • The cave system under the castle is an SSC:SRP area ONLY. It's filled with monsters, creatures of the dark, villains, and shady souls. You don't get to enter this area and RP with them or mock them without subscribing the IC consequences of IC actions, such as creeping around in a dangerous, IC area.

To subscribe to SSC:SRP in-dream, find an obelisk with red runes and bump it. Click 'yes' on the pop up. At this time you will put the (SSC:SRP) tag in your desc and officially be SSC:SRP. This is not something you can add and remove whenever you feel like it. Once you turn it on we expect you to keep it on without legitimate reasons to remove it: To remove it, you'll have to convince the SilverSoulsCastle alt, aka, Ja, your reasons. 'Because I'm scared my character is going to die' is not a reason. IC consequences to IC actions.


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