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This castle is located on ancient Lacaob lands in the far North regions of Kasuria. The mountain she perches upon is known as Mount Lacrima, officially, though stories refer to it as the Mountain of Pearls, the Mountain of Tears, or the Crying Mountain. While it is not the highest peak in the range, the mountain has other unusual properties in comparison its neighbors, such as the dark stone it is comprised of and the proximity to the river and valley below.  The vegetation runs remarkably high along the ridges, allowing larger animals to also survive at a higher elevation than one expects.  The trees and undergrowth are lush, full, and green, giving a surreal contrast against the dark protrusions one views as they travel upwards.

Even the valley and river below have a surprisingly thick feel of life behind them.  Trees grow wide and green, and the spring and summer months are freckled with colors from flowering plants, while fall has an entire array of brilliant hues. The valley is known as Ardor Valley, perhaps for the sensation of the energy that runs through it.  It is rumored feral unicorns have come through to rest there when the mists are at their thickest.  The Stril River, with its clean, pure water runs through it, sourcing from further up in the Northern mountain range.  Dolphins frequently swim up river from the ocean to accompany and beg from the ships entering for port at SilverRose.

SilverRose sits at the base of Mount Lacrima.  The town is as ancient as the castle, but small and kept up by the townsfolk.  The population of this multi-level town remains under five-hundred and is able to dock small and medium ships.  The traveling boats often take the extra time to travel the distance of the river to port at SilverRose, believing that an overnight stay gives the ship good luck before it sets off on a longer journey.  Seeing as the ships usually use this extra time to also stock up, it gives the town plenty of news, trade, and jobs. From both SilverRose and the river entrance into the valley, one can look up and see the dark building against the side of the mountain, particularly during winter months when it is a stark contrast against the snow and ice.  Somewhere in SilverRose is a painting of the great castle, lit up and shining as if she were a beacon from all the light streaming through her glass walls, not unlike she is described in the old sailor stories.  Any traveling upwards find the building disappears from view once they start on her path, until it suddenly looms before them when they become level with the cliff she sits on. From there, they can look out over the edge of this drop to look back down along the Ardor Valley.

There is at least one main path that leads up to the castle from SilverRose. This path is large enough and gentle enough that horses can ascend with single-horse carts. From base to the SilverSouls cliff, traversing up takes approximately four hours without any burdens. Descending with a horse takes longer than the upwards pull at nearly five and a half hours due to places difficult to navigate for the four-legged beasts. For those more interested in speed rather than ease, there are the other, less traveled paths that drop along a steeper grade. Of course, winged creatures can always fly!

Both SilverSouls and Mount Lacrima sit on deep ley lines, at least two of which come through Ardor Valley. The castle itself has been designed to harness the energy that flows through the mountain and the rest of Kasuria. The force is guided by stone structures embedded well below the castle, as well as designs through the five towers and upwards.  The castle itself was built on these energies entirely, thus the walls remain riddled with the lifeforce. The black stones are from the mountain, and will not scratch nor crumble. These magicks extend through the glass panels throughout the castle, keeping them from shattering. While the very foundations of the building cannot be crumbled, the inside decorations, furniture, floor tiles and ...residents.. do not gain the same protective nature of the keep.

These magicks, drawn into the very essence of the castle, tend to pool around the building, giving anything living and growing a little boost of natural energies. Trees and plants growing nearest to the castle come in varying hues, most noted in history as blues or whites. Feral creatures frequently enter and find places to call their own. Many report hearing an otherworldly voice in the winds that whip along the range, singing words in a foreign tongue that just barely able to be determined. The castle seems to draw people in as her energy grows, even wandering souls who have lost their physical forms...

Many a legend and story are told about the hidden castle in the mountains, long since overgrown with vines and robbed of her manifested glory. Now that time has given the cycles of life a chance to revolve fully, the quiet, empty husk of a memory sings out again...


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